This is how you do “to-do.” Completion helps ORGANIZE and PRIORITIZE your Projects & Tasks so you know what’s the most important task on a specific Project or out of ALL your tasks in ALL of your projects. It’s the big picture view of all the little things you need to get done.

Completion is a different take on To Do Management… simple enough to start using quickly and powerful enough to keep your mountain of tasks in order.

Sometimes it’s most helpful to see what’s due soonest. SORT BY DUE DATE to find out. Sometimes deadlines aren’t as helpful as seeing what you’ve marked as the highest priority. SORT BY PRIORITY to see. Sometimes you just need categorize your tasks so you know which part of a project to work on. SORT BY GROUP to see your tasks displayed together in sets. Then go back and forth, depending on what the day calls for.

If you’re a freelancer, mom, student, project manager or anyone who does project-based work, Completion provides a way for you to stay on top of everything you need to do in a visual, adaptable way