Because we care about our users, and because we treat people the way we would want to be treated, we don’t sell or give away your personal information. Instead of asking you to wade through a bunch of legalese, here is the human language version explaining our principles:

  1. We don’t collect any personally-identifiable information, unless you share it with us (like signing up for our email list).
    1. Like the vast majority of websites and mobile apps out there, we use analytics tools to help us make better informed product decisions (which means better products for you, our customer)
      1. We use Google Analytics, Yahoo Flurry, and Tapstream for web and mobile analytics. Each of those companies has its own privacy policy and opt-out procedures.
  2. If you do share your personal information, it stays with us – we don’t share it with, or sell it to, any other third-parties except for the tools we use for the sign-up process.
    1. We use MailChimp and LeadPages for email list management and registration when you sign up for our newsletter and give-aways. MailChimp has its own email opt-out, and LeadPages does not store your email address or other information you share via sign-up forms).
    2. If you contact us via Email or social media, we ask your permission to be added to our contact list.
    3. We respect your inbox and your attention, so we only send emails about truly important news and information. If you’re on one of our beta or pre-release lists, you’ll probably get a little more email as the product is nearing completion, but it won’t be much.
  3. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Cameron directly at
  4. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy our software.